About Pdoogle.com

The theory of Occam's Razor straightforwardly summarized states
“Of several acceptable explanations for a phenomenon, the simplest is preferable.” - In the Pdoogle.com world that means "Why pay huge amounts of money to advertise when "FREE" will do?"

That's what Pdoogle.com is! A Simple Problem that is Solved by a Simple Solution

Member of the Police Force Search they Find You!

Up until now the members of Police Forces found companies that were Police friendly by word of mouth. So if you weren't in the loop no one new about you.

Podoogle.com solves that issue for both You and the members of our Police Forces. You submit your company to this Exclusive Search Directory for Police Force Members and they look your products and services up!

They Search, They Find, They Buy - It's that simple!

How will they know about Pdoogle.com?
Good question -  We are currently beginning a distribution of our advertising flyer to all of the Police Stations in Canada. (By Mail, Fax and Personal Delivery) We will also be sending out a weekly email to all of our subscribers that outline new members, current specials and interesting bits of information. Shortly we will also be advertising in Police Magazines to ensure exposure to all of the current and retired members of our Police Forces.

That's over 400,000 potential police members and their family's that will be able to use Pdoogle.com

Please contact us via  email our advertising department to enquire further or subscribe.